The surprising villain Batman fans want to see in the next movie

Over on the r/batman subreddit, u/TheMonsterXzero54 asked fans who they’d like to see as the villain in a potential sequel to “The Batman,” and most of the top comments on the thread overwhelmingly wanted to see Mr. Freeze take on the role. . Arnold Schwarzenegger once portrayed the character in 1997’s “Batman & Robin,” but it wasn’t exactly the most acclaimed performance ever.

“Freeze finally has a chance to be done justice,” u/honeyboi413 wrote, most likely in reference to Schwarzenegger’s not-so-well-received performance. u/WhiteHawk1022 agreed, adding, “I would absolutely love to see how they approach Mr. Freeze in the grittier, more realistic world of The Batman.”

They’re not the only ones who want to see Mr. Freeze again, either. “The Batman” director Matt Reeves has expressed a lot of interest in potentially including a more “grounded” version of Mr. Freeze in any sequels that get made. “I think there’s actually a grounded version of this story, which could be really powerful and really great,” Reeves told Collider. So while it’s not set in stone that the villain could appear in future movies, it’s probably heartening to know that fans and Reeves are on the same page when it comes to their love for the character.

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