The term “Jedi” is problematic according to Scientific American

The term Jedi popularized by Star wars the franchise has always had a positive connotation among fans of the sci-fi epic and since the inception of the Star wars universe in 1977, the term was associated with the forces of good. However, popular science magazine Scientific American disagrees and according to a recently published article, the “Jedi” label is quite problematic and an “inappropriate symbol for the work of justice”.

Last week Scientific American published an article titled “Why the term ‘JEDI’ is problematic in describing programs that promote justice, equity, diversity and inclusion”. In said article, the magazine suggests that the term Jedi which is used to refer to initiatives of “justice, equity, diversity and inclusion”, in fact has a bad connotation.

Part of the article reads: “Simply put, the baggage of Jedi and Star Wars is too heavy to weigh down our justice-oriented initiatives and may in fact undermine those efforts.” He even suggested that the term that aims to promote inclusion might make some people feel “excluded”.

It reads: “While a primary goal of JEDI initiatives is to promote inclusion, the term JEDI can make people feel excluded. Star Wars is popular but divisive. groups and out-of-groups. ”Unsurprisingly, the magazine drew criticism and faced mockery from fans on social media who found the argument outrageous.

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The whole point Scientific American is trying to make is utterly ridiculous and frankly it shouldn’t be a topic of discussion. Funny to me how some people obviously try too hard to enforce waking culture these days, but news flash, that will never work. Star wars.

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