The Walking Dead’s upcoming announcement is not about Rick Grimes’ movie

This Sunday will bring some important news from the Walking Dead universe, but it will have nothing to do with the long-awaited Rick Grimes films.

This weekend will bring Walking Dead news, but producer Scott M. Gimple is warning fans he’s not be on the long-awaited Rick Grimes films. When The walking dead First hit the small screen in 2010, Andrew Lincoln’s Rick was the face of the series. Audiences were introduced to the zombie apocalypse right next to him as he woke up alone in a hospital, and for the next 9 seasons, Rick directed The walking deadgreat together through countless conflicts and tragedies. That’s why, when Lincoln announced his departure in 2018, fans were stunned and disappointed.

To ease the sting of his exit, it was quickly revealed that Lincoln would be leading his. Walking Dead film trilogy. The films are expected to reveal what happened to Rick after his helicopter rescue in Season 9. However, despite the immense fan interest in Rick’s trilogy, very little development has emerged. The coronavirus pandemic has almost certainly resulted in further delays, but before that even happened, the Walking Dead the franchise seemed more focused on its various spinoffs. In July, director Greg Nicotero said the Rick Grimes movies were still in the works, but he didn’t know when they would begin.


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A recent post from Walking Dead producer Scott M. Gimple seemed to hint that a major update was coming soon, but he has now warned enthusiastic fans. The next episode of the after-show Talk dead, which airs on Sunday, December 5, will feature a surprise guest. Gimple teased the guest’s arrival earlier this week on social media, writing: “It will be BIG“Naturally, many thought it had to do with Rick’s films. However, Gimple later returned to social media to dash those hopes.”It’s big, but it’s not about Rick Grimes,” he wrote. “We’re sorry that some things are taking a long time – this announcement is something, however, that has been a long time coming.. “

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Gimple then thanked fans in an additional tweet for their patience. He also said that on Sunday Walking Dead new “will be huge and memorableIt’s a lot of hype for something that’s obviously not about what fans want to hear most. There could be a major announcement regarding one of the projects under development. Walking Dead spinoffs, such as Tales of the Living Dead or the Carol and Daryl show. It could also be the final season of The walking dead himself, who is currently on hiatus after airing the first of three installments this fall.

Still, it’s a bit of a blow that there aren’t any developments on the Rick Grimes front this Sunday. The walking dead Producer Gale Anne Hurd said in August that films take so long as they need to capture both the epic scope of a movie while retaining the nuances found on television. Fans certainly want the Rick Grimes movies to do the character justice, so it makes sense to take the time to get them right. However, since it has been so many years that the Walking Dead movies have been announced, it’s also understandable that fans are eager to hear from them. There might be some updates coming, but they won’t arrive this weekend.

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