Thermal clips vs self-cooling weapons, explained

Believe it or not, the switch from superheated weapons to a traditional ammo system between Mass Effect 1 and 2 actually has an explanation in the universe.

The next version of Mass Effectof Legendary edition will allow a new generation of gamers to experience not only one of the best role-playing games in video games, but also one of the best sci-fi epics ever made. The most commercialized aspect of the Trilogy Remaster is a complete improvement on the first game, which features various graphics and gameplay enhancements for modern audiences. But a notable aspect of the Mass effect 1The shooter has remained intact: unlimited ammo for all weapons, instead of using an overheating system varying from weapon to weapon.

Whenever Shepard draws his gun, regardless of type, the guns of Mass effect 1 will heat up as the number of shots is taken; Once a weapon overheats, players must allow the weapon to cool briefly before firing again. Sequels began to adopt more modern third-person shooter conventions with traditional ammo systems, leading to faster shooter play and ease of use for new players. Players in Mass effect 2 and 3 will eventually be unable to fire his weapon after a certain number of shots. Shepard is then forced to retrieve thermal clips from defeated enemies or on the map.

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While this is a change much appreciated by most fans of the series, the series also has an in-universe explanation of almost all of the major gameplay features of all three games. Implementing a traditional ammunition system would naturally contradict the first game’s explanation that all standard firearms use mass fields of effect to launch thousands of shaved metal cartridges from the weapon’s magazine. . Not to mention the daunting task of explaining how armed forces across the galaxy received a whole new standard of ammunition in a very short period of time.

Fortunately, Bioware thought about implementing knowledge about the in-game ammo system and therefore came up with the concept of “thermal clips”. Technically speaking, all firearms still retain their metal rod ammo, where the pistol’s internal mechanics shave tiny projectiles at the cost of overheating when firing too many shots too quickly. After the geth invasion of the Citadel, the galactic military everywhere realized the tactical advantage of firing more bullets downstream than the enemy.

With this new combat wisdom, galactic societies everywhere, from Citadel space to unexplored Terminus Systems, have adopted thermal clips as their primary method of ammunition in order to better combat geth, whose own weapons fired very, very quickly. The thermal clip system allows a typical mass effect firearm to fire many more bullets in a much shorter period of time at the cost of reaching the weapon’s maximum thermal tolerance much faster and being unable to shoot.

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The massive change in the use of thermal clips must have occurred very soon after the events of Mass effect 1, not even a year after the geth invasion and Sovereign’s defeat. The start of Mass effect 2 Shepard had nearly perished during the Collectors’ destruction of the first Normandy, Shepard waking up in a Cerberus base after a two-year resuscitation period. When the base is under siege and Miranda Lawson points Shepard at a weapon, the commander notices that there is no thermal clip in the gun, indicating that he knows what thermal clips are and how they work though. ‘they are out of the loop for a whole two years.

This may seem like a major drawback that negates all the point of having mass fields of effect for almost unlimited ammo. However, the standardization of thermal clips means that ammo can be found virtually anywhere in civilization, with the player very rarely finding themselves completely starved of ammo. There is also the added benefit of all guns (without heavy guns) having universal ammo types – picking up a heat clip will “reload” a pistol or shotgun without a problem.

Ultimately, while many fans prefer the overheat system, the thermal clips also lead to a much more careful play loop in Mass Effectsuites. Without the ability to fire an almost endless array of balls, players had to plan and think their way through encounters. Adding a narrative explanation makes this another way Mass Effect built his amazing world for gamers.

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