They Watch Us From the Moon shares their playlist

Lawrence, Kansas six-piece heavy psych doom metal space cadets They Watch Us From the Moon are gearing up to release their new studio album titled “Return To Earth” this spring via Moon Relic Records. If you missed it, the title track from the impending LP was released in December.

Today (and continuing our ongoing column), They Watch Us From the Moon kindly created and shared with us a Spotify playlist of tracks from Scapegoat, Nebula, Kyuss, Kal-El, Clutch, Mammoth Weed Wizard Bastard and more. Songs are streamable here and below.

Guitarist and vocalist The General Shane Thirteen tells us:My most favorite thing to get away from it all is science fiction. Most of my favorite bands combine dark heavy riffs and the black coldness of outer space and the horror of aliens! When I can find amazing bands that combine everything, I have to dig and check them out. The first track is the perfect example because it’s my band! MDR! They Watch Us From The Moon is my way of paying homage to my 2 favorite things. Doom Metal and Science Fiction. The other tracks on this list are just a few of my favorite bands that follow the same concepts. I hope you enjoy this little trip across the galaxy with me! Get on board. We are about to take off!!


They look at us from the moon are:
Luna Nemesis – lead vocals
The General Shane Thirteen – guitar and vocals
R. Benjamin Black – lead guitar and vocals
Zakkatron – bass
Adryon Alin – drums
Nova 1001001 – edge

Group links:

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