This Blumhouse Horror Film Made Under $1,000 In Its Opening Weekend

Horror fans are drawn to Blumhouse’s production model, with film budgets around $5 million and sometimes as low as $3 million. Jason Blum said Nightmarish Magazine that he was inspired by the way he published paranormal activity and started using this model for other films. Blum said: “I love the idea of ​​a film being made on a very low budget and independently and then being distributed by a studio. So what I was aiming for was trying to build a business around of this idea, and everyone thought we would never be able to do it again but then we did Insidious pretty soon after Paranormal. After Claim and The purge, everyone decided we were onto something.”


While many Blumhouse the movies did incredibly well and made a ton of money, there’s one movie that only made a few hundred dollars. It’s also not a film that is talked about often and seems to have slipped under the radar in general. Which Blumhouse horror movie made less than $1,000 at the box office? It’s part of a famous horror franchise and it’s fascinating to hear about.

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Amityville: Awakening was released in 2017 and ended up grossing under $1,000. The film has a star-studded cast including Jennifer Morrison, McKenna Grace, Bella Thorne and Jennifer Jason Leigh, telling the story of Belle Walker (Thorne) who begins living in the famous haunted house at 112 Ocean Avenue, Long Island in The Amityville Horror. Joan (Jason Leigh) thinks the house can save Belle’s twin brother James (Cameron Monaghan) who is in a coma. The film is not critically acclaimed at all, with a rating of 30% on the Rotten Tomatoes tomatometer and an audience score of 32%. There are Blumhouse sequels that aren’t great in terms of plot, storytelling, and character development, but it’s true that every movie did more than this one.

According box office mojothe film earned $742. Variety reported that the movie was only on 10 theater screens, which is pretty crazy to think about, and that it was also only in theaters for one day, which helps explain the low gross. While a movie can hit a streaming service or video-on-demand and get a lot of word-of-mouth attention as fans discover and love the movie, it’s certainly true that the box numbers -office still matter in terms of how much money the movie is going to make. Often, when the public thinks a movie is doing poorly at the box office, it makes around $1 million or maybe $2 million. But Amityville: Awakening didn’t even win more than $1,000.

It’s definitely a surprise because Blumhouse has several highly profitable films. There are times when movies just don’t make a lot of money. In an interview with IndieWireJason Blum shared that he was disappointed that the 2015 film Jem and the holograms did not do well at the box office. Blum said: “We are very sad. It’s kind of ironic to be here to impart the wisdom after releasing this box office crashing and burning movie. That’s why I really love the movie industry and I’m tortured by the movie industry. Blum added, “I’m proud of the movie. I stand by the movie, but obviously I’m sorry it didn’t do better.” box office mojo putting the film’s worldwide gross at $2,333,684, which certainly isn’t great, but over $742.

Some might consider Amityville: Awakening one of the best movies of The Amityville franchise, but sadly no one got a chance to watch it in theaters, which contributed to its poor box office performance. It sounds like an interesting story because it’s part of a world where the Amityville Horror house is real and terrifying.

You could say that Blumhouse is so successful because Jason Blum stands up for his movies and really cares about them. As Blum said Forbes in 2021, sometimes things go wrong when launching and marketing a film: “We didn’t have a very good experience with a film that we made last year called Weird, and I was not happy with the distribution plan on this. It was my fault. It was my plan, and I made a lot of mistakes.” Weird was in theaters in November 2020 and then in early December 2020, fans could watch it on video on demand. The film became available on HBO Max in July 2021.

Would have Amityville: Awakening would have succeeded if it had a longer theatrical run? It sure looks like it would have made over $742 if it had been in theaters for a few months, but since the Amityville The franchise isn’t a popular slasher franchise or even one of the most beloved movie franchises in general, it’s hard to know how successful it could have been.

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