This Netflix Horror Movie From Italy Shouldn’t Be Overlooked

Netflix Original horror content can be wildly random. Some of them, like the Mike Flanagan haunting of series, is absolutely stellar. Other works, such as those from 2018 Open day, are among the worst of the worst. While Flanagan’s work is still highly commercialized and very easy to find, not all of the streaming service’s top plays are so lucky, and viewers may have to look a little outside of their comfort zone to find some. jewels.

English-speaking viewers do not always seek out foreign language content, but those who disregard subtitled works are truly absent. There are so many foreign language films, especially in the horror genre, that are truly top notch. One of them is a clever Italian horror movie that was released straight to Netflix in the summer of 2021 called A classic horror story. This film is designed to appeal to true horror fans, paying homage to some fan-favorite tropes and themes.


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A classic horror story isn’t the typical trashy Giallo movie that many will think of when they hear “Italian horror.” These movies are influential and groundbreaking in their own right, but that’s not the direction this movie is taking. It’s not a murder mystery, nor the cheesy moments one might expect. Instead, the subgenus of A classic horror story is somewhat difficult to define, except for the fact that it delivers exactly what its title suggests.

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The film tells the story of a group of foreigners in Italy, carpooling in an RV. In the night, they unfortunately have a car accident. When the group wakes up, they find themselves far from a road but in the heart of a dense forest. In a clearing stands a suspicious wooden house. Young adults quickly understand that the inhabitants of the house are not friendly. It becomes a survival game with lots of twists, lots of fun horror references, and definitely lots of gore. This movie won’t be the most disturbing thing a horror fan will ever see, but it’s not for the faint-hearted either. It’s bloody and brutal with some shocking moments, and it’s really scary.

The gore and brutality take off early on and, while there are some lulls, it’s relatively unrelenting. Viewers see a lot of gore and gore, but the more extreme acts of violence are usually not shown on camera. However, the implication is quite effective – and it’s actually a pretty crude technique to do well. One of the most notable examples of maintaining a gory feeling without showing too much of it is the original The Texas Chainsaw Massacrewhich A classic horror story clearly takes a few nods.

Besides having a lot of violence and gore in general, A classic horror story is shocking because of the plot twists. There are some really messed up decisions about certain characters and what happens to them. When the grandiose nature of what happens is revealed, it’s also quite shocking and changes a lot of what the movie could mean to people. It’s not all perfectly executed, but overall it’s very effective.

classic horror story wooden house

The movie doesn’t necessarily have an extreme message related to socio-political topics, but it does have a message related to horror movies. Having some knowledge of the current horror field will definitely make it a better viewing experience, but it would probably be nice for anyone interested in horror movies. There are lots of little nods and references, some more subtle than others. While they can be criticized for being a little cheap, when it comes down to it, Easter eggs like this tend to be pretty fun for most viewers.

While ratings and reviews for A classic horror story have been a bit mixed up, enough people really like it that horror fans should at least give it a shot. And beyond that, fans of all genres should look beyond the “Most Popular” pages to find something different. Viewers who look beyond what’s most common to find things are different are important to maintaining diversity in the film world, and something that unexpectedly goes viral on a streaming service can launch a career. of an otherwise unknown filmmaker or actor. It also broadens the audience’s taste and palette, introducing diversity into the lives of viewers. A classic horror story wasn’t a flop or totally unheard of, but with more marketing it really could have taken off, and hopefully one day it gets that opportunity again.

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