TKO, New Regency Develops Television Projects From Graphic Novel IP Library


TKO Studios, the independent publisher of a number of eclectic titles, has signed a development agreement with New Regency to develop its graphic novels into film and television projects. Under the terms of the agreement, New Regency will have the right to exclusively develop television projects from TKO Studios’ extensive IP library. TKO Salvatore Siméone and Tse Chun will develop, produce and package all shows with New Regency.

TKO Studios

This places titles such as Sara, Garth Ennis & Steve Eptinggraphic novel about a Russian sniper during WWII, supernatural thriller Lonely days, wild nights, Jeff Lemire and Gabriel H. Waltathe sci-fi adventure of Sensitive, and Roxanne gay and Ming Doylethe crime thriller Traction in a list of potential production at New Regency.

TKO signs agreement with New Regency to develop graphic novels for film and television
Cover of “Sara” courtesy of TKO Studios

Salvatore Simeone, CEO of TKO Studios and President Tse Chun said, “TKO is proud to partner with New Regency. Their background in creating groundbreaking films and televisions aligns with our history of publishing critically acclaimed genre stories. We believe the combined strengths of our businesses form an ideal partnership and forge a new model of TV adaptation that will benefit all parties, including our amazing creators. “

TKO & New Regency Develop TV Projects From Graphic Novels IP Library
Cover of “The Pulls” courtesy of TKO Studios

Founded by Salvatore Siméone and Tze Chun, the studio is known for releasing original graphic novels from top designers such as Jeff Lemire, Garth Ennis, Roxane Gay, Gabriel H Walta, Steve Epting, and much more. TKO Studios debuted in 2018 with an innovative “Frenzy Release Template” that simultaneously releases entire storylines in print and digital formats. The publisher’s list includes 11 # 1 Amazon bestsellers and consists of graphic and fictional novels in a variety of genres.

TKO & New Regency Develop TV Projects From Graphic Novels IP Library
Cover of “Lonesome Days, Savage nights” courtesy of TKO Studios

Yariv Milchan, President and CEO of New Regency, said, “Since the inception of the company, the team at TKO Studios have been innovators and leaders in their field and we are long-time fans of their exceptional material. We are excited to partner with Salvatore, Tze, and the rest of the team and look forward to showcasing their impressive collection of IPs to viewers around the world. ”TKO Studios comics and graphic novels are available on the official website of the publisher.

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