Todd McFarlane Offers Spawn Movie Update, Teases Big Announcement

Exclusive: Comic book creator Todd McFarlane teases “a big announcement” coming about his Spawn movie reboot later this year at New York Comic Con.

Comics creator Todd McFarlane teased a big announcement at Comic-Con 2022 for the next Spawn movie reboot. First created in 1992 for Image Comics, Spawn is a dark anti-hero who was once a government assassin before he was killed and returned to the realm of the living after making a Faustian deal to become a Hellspawn. In 1997, the first live-action film adaptation starring Michael Jai White in the lead role was released theatrically, but it failed to strike a chord with critics and garnered mostly negative reviews. The film also suffered because its original R-rated cut was toned down by the producers to achieve a PG-13 rating. Those disappointments aside, it still resulted in an animated series that will run on HBO for three seasons.


In early 2015, McFarlane announced that he was working on a new reboot of the property which he intended to not only write, but also make his directorial debut. Slated to be produced by horror film production company Blumhouse, and at one point Jamie Foxx was attached to play the lead role alongside Jeremy Renner (who helped convince Foxx to join as well). However, since its initial announcement, the project has faced numerous delays, though McFarlane has remained ardent in his constant attempts to get the film off the ground. Then, in August of last year, a new writer, Brian Tucker, was brought in to provide a new version of the script.

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Screen Rant welcomed the comic book legend to their San Diego Comic-Con 2022 multimedia suite and asked McFarlane if he had any further news on his project Spawn film. Confirming that despite the delays due to the pandemic the project is still moving forward and is “add pieces.McFarlane reveals he has some big news planned for New York Comic Con in October:

We decided, “You know what, let’s do it in New York.” We’ll do it in New York [Comic Con].

Are we moving? Are we adding songs? All of the above, yes. The best I can say right now, on top of everything that’s happened, is that it kind of slowed down during the pandemic and then picked up again. Especially since, for a while, the only movies people were going to during the pandemic were superhero movies — minus James Bond. Now you get Maverick and some of the big blockbusters back to normal.

But at New York Comic Con, there’s going to be a big announcement.

With comic book movies dominating a significant portion of the box office, the time for Spawn making a return to theaters is more mature than ever, especially since it allows you to explore a different tone from the competition. Movie-going audiences are also much more accustomed to the prospect of an R-rated comedy adaptation, with movies like Joker, dead Pool and Logan proving that studios can branch out beyond a family-friendly PG rating and still do well at the box office. For a Spawn reboot to properly honor its comic book origins and succeed, it will inevitably have to reach for a similar note, unlike its predecessor.

While it’s disappointing that McFarlane doesn’t have more specific news to share at San Diego Comic-Con this weekend, fans will be pleased to hear that the project is still firmly in the works. Hopefully, the big news he’s teasing for October will include a potential release date, allowing Spawn fans to start marking their calendars in anticipation. Fans will no doubt also be crossing their fingers that Foxx and Renner are still involved with the project after all this time.

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