Twitter asks us which movie/TV image destroys those who have seen it

There are moments in movies and TV shows that can completely obliterate us. These moments then pose a bit of a problem when you see them out of context and cry over something that seems innocent to anyone. doesn’t seen. I’m talking about your (lately) Blackbeard and Stede sitting on a dock or Tony Stark’s Floating Arc Reactor. The moments that aren’t spectacular but, to someone who knows what’s going on, sob on the sidelines.

And when writer and editor Ryley (@columntirteen) asked what else would devastate anyone who knows what it’s about, Twitter came up with some great suggestions.

It’s a pretty broad list. You have things like Futurama mixed with Oscar-winning films.

For me, many of my top picks were already represented, but stopping to think about a moment that leaves me emotionally distraught leads me to Inside Llewyn Davis. If it’s not seeing Bob Dylan perform at Llewyn’s choice club at the end of the movie, theoretically showing us that Llewyn has missed his chance to find his own success, it’s that scene where Oscar Isaac, as Llewyn Davis makes the trip to perform for someone who could change her life, but Llewyn once again gets in her own way and ruins the audition.

It’s this level of pain that really drives the knife even deeper and makes us feel hollow. But there are also plenty of other options for this prompt, and ones that many have talked about on Twitter. Some of my favorites made the cut, so let’s see why each of them feels like it’s being ripped in half every time we watch it.

Flea bag

In theory, it’s just Andrew Scott and Phoebe Waller-Bridge sitting together at a bus stop. In reality, it’s the final moments of their relationship and leads Fleabag to tell the Hot Priest that she loves him, and he replies, “It’ll pass.” So of course to those on the outside it looks like a priest helping someone, but those of us who have watched and loved Flea bag know that this is the opposite of a “nice” scene and is instead the most heartbreaking moment of a TV show in recent years.

JoJo Rabbit

It is choosing violence. This scene in JoJo Rabbit was towards the beginning of the movie and established Jojo’s relationship with her mother and her boy oh boy is that the reason why it hurts suck. (Spoiler for JoJo Rabbit so scroll down if you don’t want to know.) In the context of JoJo Rabbit, this photo with the feet of Rosie (Scarlet Johansson) is then reproduced when Rosie is killed and hanged in the town square to make an example of her, because she was trying to defend herself against the Nazis. So this particular shot hurts when you know how it will be referenced later.

Brokeback Mountain

If you haven’t seen Brokeback Mountain, Ang Lee brings to life a love story that also feels like nail-rolled pain that keeps stabbing your heart over and over again, and this shot in particular is so incredibly moving, matched only by Heath Ledger, in as Ennis, holding Jack’s (Jake Gyllenhaal) denim jacket and sobbing into it. We like to destroy ourselves emotionally.

Doctor Who

Now, Doctor Who had lots of suggestions so I went with my favorites. (Sorry, Rose and Ten. I love you, but that hurts me even more.) The first is Vincent Van Gogh (played by Tony Curran) seeing his work at the Musée d’Orsay and what it means to people of the whole world. He sobs as he sees his work celebrated, and as the curator talks about how he thinks Vincent is one of the greatest artists of all time.

This is then paired with Matt Smith’s final moments as the Doctor, when he gives a speech that tells us everything he will always remember when the Doctor was “me.” It’s a beautiful scene of regeneration that I constantly think about.


The brief moment at the end of Atonement when do you think Robbie and Cecilia will have a happy ending? It’s a crime. It’s just pain and anger at the same time, and it took me a long time to forgive Saoirse Ronan (who played Briony) for what she did to them.

Has your favorite been selected? What is your choice ? Let us know what you saw there in the comments below!

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