Uncharted Movie would be a “franchise” now; Sequels with Tom Holland expected

Unexplored could have sequels with Tom Holland returning as PlayStation icon Nathan Drake. The Uncharted series is one of the most cinematic gaming franchises, helping to establish the new era of PlayStation exclusives and cementing Naughty Dog as one of the most renowned game developers. In the early 2010s, Sony was relentlessly trying to get an Uncharted movie off the ground, but it failed to gain traction for years. After the release of Spider-Man: Homecoming, Sony placed its bets on Tom Holland as the next Nathan Drake and began looking for a story and a director to launch an adaptation of the games. After years of waiting, the film was released to mediocre reviews, but a respectable box office of over $400 million.

Despite the film’s commercial success and a post-credits scene that seemed to suggest that a future Uncharted movie could directly adapt the first game in the series, Sony hasn’t announced a sequel. However, a new report from The Ankler on upcoming Sony movies says Uncharted is now a “franchise” and Sony Pictures CEO Tom Rothman was “excited” about another installment in a recent internal memo. Sony is also reportedly trying to secure Tom Holland for another Spider-Man trilogy while “counting on him” to “anchor” the Uncharted movie franchise going forward.

“Yes, Unexplored is a franchise now,” reads an excerpt from the report. “Sony hasn’t officially confirmed a sequel, but the movie did pretty respectable business in the pandemic, grossing $400 million worldwide, and Holland discussed the likelihood of a sequel in previous interviews. The studio has been exceptionally quiet, but considering how Unexplored is currently the third highest-grossing video game adaptation in the country and the fourth in the world, you can safely assume that another Nathan Drake adventure is in the works. Ultimately, that’s Rothman’s call, but in his President’s Day memo to his colleagues, he seemed excited about another installment.”

Since Sony seems committed to more live-action PlayStation adaptations, an Uncharted sequel seems like a guarantee. Unexplored Also coming to Netflix later this month, where it will likely attract plenty of viewers who haven’t rushed to theaters to see it and haven’t had a chance to rent it yet. It remains to be seen if a sudden surge in viewership will cause Sony to talk more about a sequel on disc, but it looks like Nathan Drake’s big-screen story has only just begun.

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