Universal sued for cutting Ana de Armas scenes from yesterday’s movie

Ana de Armas fans are suing Universal Studios for not featuring the actress in the movie Yesterday, despite its use in promotional material.

Ana de Armas fans have sued Universal Studios after the actress failed to appear in Yesterday, despite their appearance in promotional materials. Yesterday is a 2019 musical drama film directed by Danny Boyle and starring Himesh Patel, Lily James, Joel Fry, Ed Sheeran and Kate McKinnon. The film follows Jack Malik (Patel), a struggling singer-songwriter, who wakes up one day from an accident to find himself in a world where the Beatles never existed. Performing the Beatles’ hit songs in a world unfamiliar to them, Malik becomes an overnight sensation.

Yesterday received largely mixed reviews, with critics considering it a rather mediocre film, but with the heart, warmth and charm to make up for it. However, the film received enthusiastic approval from the viewers who mattered most: the living members of the Beatles band or their widowed wives. To make the film, the creators had to navigate a few legal hoops to include music and Beatles references. This included paying $10 million for the rights to use their music and getting permission from the Beatles and their families. However, the film has now found itself in legal trouble for an unexpected reason.


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As reported by THR, Universal Studios is being sued by Armas fans for not featuring the actress in Yesterday despite its presence in the trailer. Originally, Armas was to appear in the film as a love interest for Malik, but her scenes were cut and she did not appear in the film at all upon release. However, Armas did appear in the trailer, in a scene where she and Patel appear on the James Corden Show together. Now, California resident Michael Rosza and Maryland resident Conor Woulfe are suing Universal, alleging they were tricked into watching Yesterday pretending that Armas was in it. Check out the complaint below:

Although the defendant included the scenes with Ms. De Armas in the advertisements for the film’s trailer, in an effort to promote Yesterday and to induce film sales and rentals, Ms. De Armas is not and n was ever in the public version of the film. Unable to rely on the fame of the actors playing Jack Malik or Ellie to maximize ticket and film sales and rentals, the defendant consequently used the fame, brilliance and brilliance of Ms. De Armas to promote the film by including his scenes in the movie trailers announcing Yesterday..

The Beatles Songs of Yesterday

The lawsuit criticizes Universal’s decision to feature Armas in promotional material, only to have her cut from the final film. He claims Universal deliberately made the decision because the film’s other stars weren’t big enough to attract an audience. Another point of the lawsuit is that the Yesterday The trailer also featured the Beatles song “Something”, although the song did not make it into the final film either. By using the popular song in the trailer, the lawsuit claims Yesterday again misled fans into watching the film. Rosza and Woulfe are asking for $5 million on behalf of California and Maryland residents who paid to watch the film.

The prosecutors in this case certainly raise some intriguing points. However, it will be difficult to determine if Universal Studios can be held responsible. It’s not at all uncommon for actors and actresses to be cut from the final version of a film, and there are contracts in place to avoid legal issues. What makes this lawsuit interesting, however, is that it’s not an actor or actress who is suing, but fans of the actress. Rosza and Woulfe’s lawsuit raises the interesting question of whether a movie can be held liable for misleading viewers with promotional material. If so, it would certainly create a whole host of problems, as many movie promotions can be accused of inaccurately portraying the actual end result. However, if it can be proven that Universal Studios intentionally misled viewers by featuring Armas, there could be a case. It remains to be seen how the Yesterday the lawsuit will be settled, but this case will likely set a precedent for how movies handle promotional material featuring cut actors/actresses in the future.

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Source: THR

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