Vineet Yadav’s new film ‘My Rainbow… My Colors’ is a psychological thriller

With the introduction of OTT, we are exposed to global cinema across genres. However, the Indian entertainment industry has a long way to go to make its mark in several genres like horror, psychological thriller, sci-fi, etc. Writer and director Vineet Yadav pledged to make an honest attempt in that direction. His latest project is a psychological thriller titled “My Rainbow…My Colours”. It includes Satish Sharma, Ankit Bathla, Pranay Narayan, Amitabh Ghosh and Russian actor Daria Gavrushenko.

Vineet says, “On the surface, the film comes across as a tightly woven thriller with an unexpected twist to the story. On a deeper level, it deals with social conditioning, inner conflict, and a battle between dreams and morality.

It is a passion project of Vineet because he combined his knowledge of psychology and cinema. He holds a doctorate in psychology and a degree in filmmaking. He has worked as a director and producer for several movies and TV shows during his two-decade career in the entertainment industry. This includes Senurak Laaj (2004), Hum Ladkiyan (2008-09), Club 60 (2013) and Ek Nayi Ummeed: Roshni (2015).

Speaking about the star cast, Vineet said each actor brings freshness to their character in the film. Ankit Bathla is a popular TV actor known for daily soap operas ‘Naagin 4’, ‘Maddam Sir’, ‘Thapki Pyaar Ki’, ‘Laal Ishq’ etc. Pranay Narayan has acted in films like ‘Black Friday’, ‘Gangs Of Wasseypur’ and ‘Raees’. Director Vineet seems to have chosen every actor well for his non-commercial film.

‘My Rainbow…My Colours’ is a 70-minute psychological thriller produced by Latha Warrier. It will be released at the Festival Circuit.

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