What people are saying about the #1 Netflix movie in the US

The #1 movie on Netflix in the US is a new action-comedy starring Jamie Foxx as the vampire hunter that, overall, critics and fans think is… well, it’s okay, if we’re generous. day shift is a Netflix Original that hit the streamer on Friday, August 12. And thanks, perhaps, to Foxx’s wattage as well as actors like Snoop Dogg, the film climbed straight to the top spot on the top 10 list that the streamer maintains in its app.

However, that’s probably just a function of how curious people are about this project due to the big names attached, as opposed to it being a must-have, as we’ll see below.

East day shift worth watching?

If you place a lot of importance on a signal like Rotten Tomatoes ratings? So the answer to the question of whether this new Netflix release is worth watching is: Probably not.

There was a big Puck News room over the weekend, offering a deep dive into the demise of the “steamy, Apataowian” comedy genre that dominated the box office of yesteryear (think, mid-2000s). People have blamed this on everything from cancel culture to Covid to big studio risk aversion.

No matter the reason, day shift feels right in line with a lot of Netflix’s recent (and throwaway) original action comedies. If you like titles like red notice and The man from Toronto, in other words? You should also like this one.

Here, in the meantime, is what you need to know about the film. Foxx plays “Bud Jablonski,” a working father trying to support his daughter Paige (Zion Broadnax) and stay in the good graces of his estranged wife Jocelyn (Meagan Good).

Foxx’s character cleans the pools of the San Fernando Valley – during the day shift, so to speak. But that’s really just a facade for how he really makes his money. That is, by hunting and killing vampires.

Due to “code violations”, Jablonski was kicked out of the lucrative International Union of Vampire Hunters. To get by, he sells fangs to black market customers. When Jocelyn threatens to move to Florida, Jablonski decides he needs to make a quick buck.

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Opinion and reaction

At the end of the day, day shift is “the kind of star vehicle that brings obvious benefits to Netflix even if, qualitatively speaking, it does not deserve to see the light of day”.

That’s according to a CNN review included in Rotten Tomatoes’ overall critic score of 58% (roughly, meh), at the time of this writing. It is based on 83 reviews in total so far.

(L-R) Jamie Foxx as Bud and Snoop Dogg as Big John in the Netflix movie ‘Day Shift’. Image source: Netflix

On the viewer side of the equation, Rotten Tomatoes’ current overall score is… 59% (so, again, meh). This percentage is based on over 250 user ratings to date. “On the scale of ‘falling asleep’ to ‘staying awake’, it’s a ‘stayed awake’ but I got sleepy towards the end,” one Rotten Tomatoes user said.

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