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There’s nothing like the magic of live theater, and no one brings that magic to the Broadway stage quite like Disney.

Since the curtain raiser on the stage adaptation of The beauty and the Beast in 1994, the House of Mouse dominated the Great White Way with family hits like 1997’s The Lion King2012 News and 2014 Aladdin.

In total, there have been 17 Disney musicals that have made it to Broadway (no, hamilton doesn’t count just because it was filmed for Disney+), though currently only The Lion King – the highest-grossing show in Broadway history – and Aladdin play at the Minskoff Theater and the New Amsterdam Theater respectively. Meanwhile, 2018 Frozen was unfortunately the first Broadway show to fold due to the pandemic, although its national tour is currently taking place in regional theaters across the country.

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This week, Lin-Manuel Miranda hinted that he might see his latest hit Encanto making the leap from screen to stage – he even has a seven-minute Act II finale ready in his back pocket – but we want to know what you think. Which untapped Disney movie should get the Broadway treatment?

Of course, there are plenty of memorable musicals to choose from, including the most beloved of the 2010s. Tangled and 2017 coconut. Miranda himself wonders how the oceans of Moana could be translated to the Broadway stage, and you might think Disney should give it a shot! After all, “How Far I’ll Go” just hit a billion streams on YouTube…

As the pandemic era hit Lucas isn’t technically a musical, its themes and sweet story practically beg for original music. And with the upcoming release of Disillusioned at the end of this year, fans who loved Princess Giselle are about to remember how much fun it would be to hear the songs from 2007 Delighted — looking at you, “That’s How You Know” and “So Close” — live in a Midtown theater.

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