Why Sword Art Online: Progressive Movie Won’t Work

Fans have long been waiting for more animated Aincrad content, but the upcoming Sword Art Online: Progressive movie is unlikely to be successful in the long term.

the Sword art online saga returns to the big screens in the fall of 2021 in the highly anticipated Sword Art Online Progressive: Aria of a Starless Night. Fans of the isekai franchise have been waiting for this anime SAO expansion for a while, hoping it will awaken the early glory of the anime’s first (and best) arc: Aincrad. The announcement that the adaptation would be in film format, however, is a major disappointment for those who appreciate the episodic storytelling of the original series.

Aria from a starless night will be based on Sword Art Online: Progressive light novels written by Reki Kawahara. These chapters delve into the characters’ adventures in Aincrad floor by floor, with six volumes already completed and a seventh on the way. How a Sword art online cinema price to tackle this ongoing story? The chances of a fulfilling and sustainable Progressive the narrative looks slim in this format.

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Why fans are excited about Sword Art Online: Progressive

One of the biggest gripes fans have with Sword art online is the speed at which the spectacle crosses the arc of Aincrad. This story features the addicting premise of ‘you die in the game, you die in real life’, which has countless anime fans hanging on to the isekai series. In the beginning, SAO seemed set to progress through Aincrad for the duration of the game, so fans were surprised when Kirito jumped forward to kill the final boss (Kayaba) by episode 14, long before he reached the 100th floor. . in comparison. At this point, many Sword art online fans dropped out of the show because ALO, GGO, and even Alicization just don’t measure yourself in terms of the classic high-stakes video game adventures the characters experienced in Aincrad.

the Progressive SAO light novels recapture that initial magic of Aincrad by starting from a new perspective and significantly slowing the pace of progression. There are 100 stories in Aincrad after all, and Sword art online Season 1 was a tiny fraction of the giant conical castle. This large-scale revisit of Aincrad means that it is do not a reboot of season 1, but a new take to unveil untold stories hidden in the vast gaps. With this original source content fueling animated adaptations, fans old and new alike felt a new wave of hype – that is, until it was revealed that the story would be crushed again. , this time in the minimum length of a film.

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What will Sword Art Online: Progressive long term look like?

While Sword Art Online: Aria of a Starless Night definitely not trying to fit all Progressive in one movie, it should tie the chapters together without natural chapter breaks. The film will focus on the first volume of the Progressive series, which explores the first floor of Aincrad and begins a month SAO game of death. Except this time around, the first chapters will tell the story from Asuna’s perspective, as seen in the trailer where she still learns the ropes and sports that little red hood look.

With the amount of content Aria from a starless night covers, the movie will likely have an average runtime – one or two hours – which would translate to around six or seven episodes if it were a series. It’s unclear how the story will continue from there, or if the film will be the first in a long series to come, exploring the grounds of each new episode. Would there be one movie per floor or maybe two to three movies per floor Progressive Light novel? With so much content on the horizon, it looks like the film’s road is unsustainable in the long run.

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How Sword Art Online: A Progressive Movie Is Different From A Series

The difference between watching a movie and a series is huge. After theaters around the world closed during the pandemic, the switch to streaming services has prompted entertainment seekers to try more shows rather than theater trips. This has sparked a new appreciation for the TV format which has many advantages. Episodic storytelling allows for more gradual character development with natural pauses. Plus, TV series make their stories run longer with more time to digest instead of filling an entire arc with exposure, climax and ending in one sitting. All the interest of Sword Art Online: Progressive is to make the story less rushed, so that an anime series seems like the best-placed choice.

On the other hand, because Sword Art Online: Progressive will elicit many of the same events already recounted, a closer reading can reduce redundancy and provide a nice introduction to the Progressive anime adaptation. Animated films have more potential at the moment because they are easier to produce without filming. Could Aria from a starless night to revive the craze for films?

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At the very least, fans can expect what will likely be a big budget with dazzling animation sequences, similar to Sword Art Online: Ordinal scale. However, there is hope that Progressive SAO won’t turn into fan service tropes or the introduction of unnecessary and underdeveloped characters (with the exception of the new character Mito.) Ordinary scale won over $ 30 million worldwide, so there is no doubt Aria from a starless night will also bring in millions. The popularity of the new anime film Demon Slayer: Mugen Train also alludes to Progressive SAOimminent success.

Optimistically, a movie could It really works if this big budget adaptation serves as a boost to a full series. But a movie release is risky given it could turn out to be a flop, burying the potential of a long dig into the Progressive SAO light novels. Plus, the film may set a precedent – its successors are expected to follow over 75 floors of Aincrad content. Who would have the stamina to produce or watch so much Sword art online movies?

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