Will Disney Really Make a Live-Action Dragon Ball Movie?

A rumor was started in 2019 that Disney would make a live-action Dragon Ball movie. After buying Fox, Disney secured the rights to a number of properties owned by the studio. It included the film rights to Dragon Ball. Dragon Ball is one of the greatest anime franchises of all time. Although it is a Japanese anime, it has managed to attract a huge fan base all over the world. And it keeps growing. With its rights, Disney can make a movie about the anime; some even like the idea. Moreover, these rumors surface from time to time. But the real question is, will they?

Will Disney make an action movie based on Dragon Ball?

Will Disney make an action movie based on Dragon Ball?

Disney and Dragon Ball together could create something awesome. The studio also has a huge international market, including China and other Asian countries, and has made huge profits there. Plus, the way Disney has grown Marvel and Star Wars is also proof that he can do an amazing job with Goku and his team. But according to the records, becoming an anime distributor is more profitable than making a movie per se.

Dragonball Evolution didn't work out so well
Dragonball Evolution didn’t work out so well

In reality. the previous Fox-directed film was pretty terrible and was hated by fans of the franchise. So the incentive to make such a movie is too high, and Disney is too smart to take such a risk. But Disney has a history of making blockbuster movies that no one thought would work. But the chances of Disney making a live-action movie based on the anime are pretty slim. But who knows, the studio might really decide to do it.

Movies already made on Dragon Ball

There have been movies made about anime before, not just anime movies, several live action movies have been made as well. Dragon Ball has made twenty movies, five of them even got a theatrical release in America. The first two weren’t as successful, but the next three that followed were successes. The animated films were distributed by Fox studios and proved to be quite profitable. Also, anime movies don’t require as much of a production budget but tend to perform well at the box office.

Dragon Ball Live-Action Movies Didn't Work So Well Before
Dragon Ball Live-Action Movies Didn’t Work So Well Before

But anime live action movies don’t perform as well as the anime itself. For example, Dragonball Evolution only grossed $55.7 million worldwide and $9.4 million at the domestic box office. There are two other movies made based on the anime, one was Korean and the other was Chinese. Not much is known about their box office earnings.

Disney could make a movie about the anime but given the risk, it really depends on whether the studio would really want to take it.

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