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Sci-fi meets real-world technology in the “Orthopaedics Capital of the World,” with hologram technology for hip implant surgery. Warsaw-based Zimmer Biomet Inc. (NYSE: ZBH) is partnering with Surgical Planning Associates Inc., a Boston-area medical technology company, to bring to market the first FDA-cleared mixed-reality navigation system for the total hip replacement. The technology allows surgeons to use high-tech glasses to view a hologram of the patient’s pelvic anatomy during surgery.

In an interview with Business of Health reporter Kylie Veleta, Zimmer Biomet’s Director of Science, Technology and Innovation, Dr. Nitin Goyal, said HipInsight takes implant placement accuracy to a new level. level.

“Surgeons used to be very comfortable with just placing implants and performing procedures through your eyes, through your experience,” said Goyal, who calls the technology generational change. “I think new surgeons, as they come out, demand precision in implant placement and how we do it.”

The technology gives orthopedic surgeons a three-dimensional image of the targeted area. The system provides a detailed roadmap for what Zimmer describes as “accurate and efficient implant placement.”
Surgeons can overlay real-time images on the patient’s anatomy. Goyal says the footage is reminiscent of Tom Cruise’s futuristic thriller “Minority Report.”

“You’re interacting with holograms and the immediate response from the surgeon is usually, ‘Wow, that’s amazing, because you…see inside before you’ve even cut the skin,'” Goyal said.

The technology is wearable. Goyal says that means HipInsight isn’t limited to large medical centers. Small surgery centers could benefit from the system.

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